custom millwork store displays

Benefits of Using Custom Millwork Store Displays

Retail stores are facing tough competition online and offline.


This is why store planners and visual merchandisers are constantly seeking new strategies to attract and engage retail shoppers. A great option for businesses is custom millwork store displays. These displays are guaranteed to impress customers and help stores make a great first impression.


Customization allows for easy integration of a business’ personality and designs that attract your target audience. Millwork displays make this easier to achieve, especially with the use of high-end materials and exceptional design.


Most importantly, custom store fixtures make for retail experiences that are both memorable and impactful for consumers and shoppers.


Benefits of Custom Millwork Store Displays


Flexible shelving

Physical shopping is all about the location-specific brand experience. With the ability to reconfigure shelving in many ways, custom store fixtures are your best weapon to ensure a retail experience that is impactful and reflective of your brand.


You can change the shelves configuration based on what will attract customers attention and influence their shopping behavior. This can be done with ease through flexible shelving.


Sustainability and flexibility

Custom millwork store displays can be made with wheels and advanced/integrated lighting. This allows a business to easily rearrange displays to keep up with the trends or to satisfy their customer experience.


Clothing racks, rolling bins, and other displays on wheels can be moved around to create a fresh look and accommodate a new display.


Movable lightboxes, on the other hand, allow you to repurpose lightbox displays to changing needs.


Advanced or integrated lighting will upgrade the outdated look of fluorescent lights without an extensive overhaul of retail store lighting.


Personalized shopping experience

In today’s world of connected shopping, custom store fixtures make it easier to integrate technology into retail space.


If you run a clothing store, for example, you can add a smart fitting room for a more personalized shopping experience.


The fitting room will have interactive mirrors where customers can see how they look with the clothes they’re trying on based on different environmental lights. They can use the same interactive mirror to call a store assistant for other models and sizes of clothes.


Better implementation of in-store ideas

Many mass-produced options for retail fixtures may not fit with the displays you have in mind. Are you willing to compromise your vision with a product closest to your in-store ideas?


If you want your bricks-and-mortar store to reflect your vision down to the tiniest detail, custom millwork displays are your best option.


Better ROI

Since custom fixtures allow you to redesign and rearrange in-store displays whenever and wherever necessary, you don’t need to have new fixtures built every time the trends change, or when you need to develop new strategies to engage retail shoppers.


Your investment will definitely pay off since you only need to hire millwork services one time and you are able to use the displays many times over.


Hire Mickelson Construction

As the masters of display, Mickelson Construction is your best source of custom millwork store displays that meet your business needs and attract your target market. Speak to their team of supermarket interior designers to update and improve your in-store displays.


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