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Creating Beautiful Grocery Store Displays with Any Space

Grocery store products are visual. Customers have to be drawn in by how they look before they can appreciate how they taste. In that sense, you can see why creating beautiful grocery store displays is important.


Aesthetics also matter because your business can be in a heavily populated niche where there is a lot of competition. Food is everywhere. Even if you’re in a small town, there’s bound to be some other place that sells the same products that you do. So having grocery store interiors that’s pleasing to the eye and comfortable to shop in will definitely give you the edge.


Now, you might think that a big space is necessary to be able to build fantastic-looking grocery store displays. But that’s not necessarily what you have to work with. Not to worry because the tips below can be applied to a space that doesn’t have the most generous dimensions.


Think about color

Color matters when you decorate. It has the power to evoke strong emotions and influence perception. A study conducted by Brain Based Biz suggests that people are more likely to remember the color of the product than any other feature it has. Shoppers only need 90 seconds of product interaction. Over 60% of this assessment centers around color.


How do you manipulate color to your advantage? Opt for bold hues of red because these catch the eye. Or you can use a subtle backdrop to help keep your customer’s attention on the products you’re selling. Solid-colored backgrounds like white or black can really make your products pop.


Product groupings can tell a story

Another way to attract customers is in the way you group products together. Of course, your grocery store displays should be done in a sensible manner. Fresh produce should be in the same area. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t play a bit with the design. Here’s a great example from Shopify’s blog.


“…appeal to the inner baker by placing intricate cake platters alongside cake servers and cake mix. Items can be grouped based on color scheme or use, but the aim is to tie it all together.”

Here are some pointers to help you achieve something similar.

  • Follow the rule of three when creating displays. The customer’s gaze will be triggered by imbalance.
  • Include an object in your display that will make customers stop and look twice. Use something that’s odd or out of place.


Establish hierarchy

Avoid presenting your products at a uniform height. This puts your products at risk of fading into the horizon, or being part of the background. And that’s the opposite of what you want to achieve. Create visual contrasts by experimenting with different heights. This boosts customer’s interaction with your merchandise.


Angle your products at 90 degrees rather than laying them flat. This makes it easier for the customer to interact with the product. Keep in mind though that this doesn’t work for every item in the grocery store so choose wisely.


You can also adopt a technique called The Pyramid Principle by creating a clear focal point and position supporting products in a way that they’re cascading below it.


On a final note, aesthetics, while important, should just be a part of your marketing efforts. High value products and good customer service are also other areas that you need to work on in order to get more customers into the door.


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