fresh thyme farmers market

5 Things to Grab on Your Next Trip to Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

If you love fresh and healthy food, you will find Fresh Thyme Farmers Market as a refreshing break from the traditional supermarket. The store looks nothing like your regular grocery joint because the company has made it a mission to offer a vibrant and unique shopping environment to its customers.



The store’s beautiful custom display stands will catch your eyes the moment you walk in. They make each product look good and easy to search for and are carefully designed to help organize the store’s merchandise properly.



But the real stars of Fresh Thyme Farmers Market are its products. Here are five of the best things that you should grab on your next grocery shopping trip:



Fresh Produce


Fresh Thyme Farmers Market is best known for selling a wide range of locally grown fruits and vegetables fresh from the farm. In fact, its fresh produce department takes up a huge chunk of the entire store and you will never run out of options for the ingredients that you need for a healthy and delicious meal.



Meat, Fish, and Seafood


Of course, a healthy diet will not be complete without some protein, and Fresh Thyme Farmers Market has an abundance of meat, fish and seafood items for you to choose from. The meat section carries high quality steaks, chops, sausages and specialty bacon while its fish and seafood department overflows with fresh finds like salmon, mussels and shrimp.



Local and International Cheeses


Cheese is a pantry staple and you’ll find a huge selection of local and international cheeses at grocery stores. Some of its products include regular parmesan, goat and cheddar cheeses to more hard to find cheeses like halloumi. You’ll also find cheese from different parts of the globe including Europe and Australia.



Bulk Products


Bulk buying is one of the best ways to save up on groceries and Fresh Thyme Farmers Market makes bulk buying a lot more fun with its unique display for both sold and liquid bulk products. You can choose from over 400 bulk items available at the store including dried fruits, rice, grain for solids and vinegar, oil and honey for liquids. And yes, you get to put them in containers yourself, which adds to the thrill of shopping for bulk products.



Prepared Meals


Some days, you will not have enough time to prepare your meals, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for boring takeouts. At Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, you can buy grab-and-go dinner meals for yourself or your entire family. Your options include egg rolls, pastas, pizzas and tamales. Now, you don’t have an excuse to make boring dinners.




While you’re at the store, you might also want to grab some fresh flowers to make your home more colorful and vibrant. The grocery store offers a wide selection of beautiful flowers that range from sunflowers to roses. You can even grab bouquets to give to your loved ones for special occasions.




Did these suggestions make you giddy to go shopping at this unique grocery store? We sure know it did.




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