custom cnc millwork

Software and Machinery in Custom CNC Millwork

With the help of CNC machines, a block of wood can be transformed into custom grocery store displays or a myriad of any other things. Any machine needs a set of instructions – where to go, what to do – and that is provided for by software. You can think of it this way: every custom CNC millwork is a product of software and machines working together.


In a way, the software is just as important as the machine being used. Some machines are best suited for creating a certain kind of product. And the same can be said for software but much of it also has to do with the person using the software.


A person still needs to be involved in the whole machining process. They are there to write and feed instructions then leave the machine and software to work together to come up with the final product.


While most software can help with wood carving, the specific kind used by a shop will depend on an individual’s choice. It should also be a choice that is best for the business. It wouldn’t help much to get the most sophisticated software but only have a portion of its features useful for the business.


Benefits to Custom CNC Millwork

There are many benefits to custom CNC millwork, including the creation of complex designs. Visual style is very much important to retail shops these days. This means that using traditional shelves to display products isn’t really the way to go. Shelving and display units need to be customized to fit with the store’s message.


Another advantage of CNC millwork is reproducibility. The software serves as the guide and those instructions just need to be fed to the machine for the exact same piece to be produced again. Units made by hand may look the same but have differences in the quality. A unit created with software and machinery is more consistent.


Having software and machines work together also helps save on production costs. The “instructions” just have to be fed again, and the exact same work will be produced. There’s no need for more people to create multiple versions of one design.



Using a CNC machine is also a lot safer than working by hand. Automating the process with custom CNC millwork makes transforming a piece of wood into a part of a shelving unit much less harmful because of the minimal interaction required with the machine.


Custom Display Fixtures

Grocery stores tend to follow a formula of uniform shelving units for displaying items. Today’s customers value experience and what better way to give them that than by using a combination of custom displays and pleasing visual merchandising.


A custom spice display can only do so much; product arrangement is just as important. Every single fruit shouldn’t just be placed on a produce table. They can be arranged by color, in alternating colors, by kind, or even in the shape of a pyramid. Doing so draws attention to the products and increases their chance of being bought.


Visuals play a huge role in getting products sold and the combination of software and machinery can help you achieve sufficient returns.


Grocery Millwork offers custom grocery store display fixtures to the following counties surrounding the city of Phoenix: Peoria, Glendale, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Carefree, Sun City West, Surprise, Goodyear, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and many more.